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Top-tier token with anonymity and self‑regulation.

Your chance to become a part of a private community.

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UPGRADE ANON Tokenomics Reveal

The ANON boxes will be gradually revealed over a period of 24 hours from 08:08 pm

  • 8 Days
  • 8 Hours
  • 8 Minutes
  • 8 Seconds

UPGRADE ANON Tokenomics Retrodrop

Exclusive SBTs await each participant who meets the terms of our program.

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    ANON Pass of varying degrees of rarity for anonymous number holders, depending on the amount donated and ANON holding.

    ANON Box with a reveal depending on the donation amount and ANON holding for everyone else.


    2557 participants supported ANON Upgrade tokenomics and received ANON Passes and ANON Boxes as the most valuable early adopters who will enjoy benefits across all of our products.


2024 Q2
  • Presale $500k hard cap
  • ANON will be distributed DEX pair and investors
  • Listing on DEXs and verify token in dapps
  • LP tokens of lock period
  • Website, social networks
  • Coingecko token listing
  • Coinmarketcap token listing
  • Collaborations with other projects on the TON blockchain
    • Minor Open level Challenge
    • $ANON x TON FISH Partnership
    • Catizen + $ANON Partnership
    • DYOR + $ANON Partnership
    • The Pixels x $ANON Partnership
    • TBD
  • CEX listing
    • MEXC listing
    • TBD
  • Launching token burning programs
  • Development of utilities that increase the value of ANON ownership
  • Reward campaigns
  • Release Telegram mini-game on TON blockchain
2024 Q3-4
  • Decentralized VPN service based on ANON and TON
  • NFT marketplace
  • Confidential tip and donation system for content creators
  • Collaboration with large data aggregators
  • Collaboration with payment systems and services
  • Hackathons and contests for developers, creating new products for the ecosystem
2025 TBA